Norbert Kahmann, Master Specialist Strategic Halal Officer, Symrise AG

"As a global producer and accepted B2B supplier, Symrise AG has been offering halal-certified products for over 20 years. Working in cooperation with the Hannover Chamber of Industry and Commerce, we support German industry with our expertise in implementing halal quality assurance systems so that producers can certify their products for the domestic and world market."

"Today, the German food and cosmetics industry already offers a wide range of halal products for international markets. The Hannover-based halal trade fair is intended to promote networking between producers and consumers and, together with the supporting conference, will contribute to a better understanding of the domestic and international challenges facing the industry."

Mr. Calik, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Halal-Welt

HALAL HANNOVER represents an interesting platform for generating key business leads. The supporting conference will feature discussions with leading international experts on political, economic and social halal issues. The conference will definitely contribute to a better understanding of the global halal market.

We think that HALAL HANNOVER has a chance to establish itself as the leading trade fair for the European halal industry at the Hannover location.

Mr. Tilman Brunner, IHK Hannover

There is strong worldwide demand for food based on ingredients and production methods that comply with religious principles. Around 4.5 million Muslims live in Germany alone, with a total of 1.8 billion worldwide.

A halal certificate is not always easy to obtain. In Germany, interested consumers moreover need to research the networks intensively to find out which halal products are available – because the certificate is often not printed on the product packaging.

By now, the German food and cosmetics industries offer a wide range of halal products for the world market. The HALAL HANNOVER will serve a marketplace for halal supply and demand across Germany and internationally during the three days of the fair, inviting interested consumers to take a culinary tour of the entire globe.